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Looking to get those insurance premiums down?

Be a better driver and save money too

Maybe you're a newly qualified driver who's looking for a discount on your insurance, or maybe you just want to improve your driving skills and be a safer driver.  Unique Learners Driving School's Pass Plus course is the advanced driving course for you.

Pass Plus is a 6 hour course covering 6 modules that are all designed to make you a better driver in various environments - whether it's night-time driving, motorways or all weather driving.


There're no exams - just an overall score over the 6 hours.  It'll make you a better driver and the certificate alone can often get you a reduction on your insurance.  So invest in yourself, and call Unique Learners Driving School to book your slot.

Just need a refresher?

We've got the programme for you:


If you're a qualified driver who hasn't been behind the wheel for a while, maybe you just need one of our refresher courses?

The Pass Plus course

What driving does it cover?

•  Towns

•  All weather

•  Rural roads

•  Night-time driving

•  Dual carriageways

•  Motorways

To take advantage of our Pass Plus course, call Unique Learners Driving School on

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You can always be a better driver with our advanced driving courses.