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Nervous about the driving test?

Why not book a mock driving test?

There's a new car in the driveway, you've already planned your first trip, you've even got your friends to tag along ... freedom beckons.  It all comes down to the practical driving test.  When all your dreams and expectations are wrapped up in 40 minutes of driving, the pressure can soon mount.  Don't take chances and book a mock driving test with Unique Learners Driving School.

Our mock driving tests are very much like the real thing.  You'll get the eyesight check, the safety questions and the standard 40 minutes of actual driving.  After this is completed, you'll get a score and an overview of any mistakes.


This is valuable feedback and it's always a good indicator of your strengths and what you need to work on.  So improve your chances of passing the real thing and call Unique Learners Driving School today.

Newly licensed driver?

Save some money:

If you're a newly qualified driver, and you're looking to get those insurance premiums down, then take advantage of Unique Learners Driving School's Pass Plus programme.

Comprehensive driving test practise

What does it involve?

•  Eyesight checks

•  Safety questions

•  40  minutes of driving

•  Actual score

•  Overview of faults (if any!)

•  Feedback on what to do next

To book a mock driving test, contact Unique Learners Driving School on

Looking to boost of passing with some driving test practise?

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