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Why choose Unique Learners Driving School?

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Widen your horizons and learn to drive

Whether it's a holiday, a new job opportunity or the simple thrill of being on the road; learning to drive can really open up the world for you.  So don't put the brakes on your future - call Unique Learners Driving School today.

No bus schedules, no defined routes, no limitations - just the ability to go where you want, whenever you want.  Sound tempting?


Make the dream a reality with Unique Learners Driving School.  Whatever your ability, we offer a variety of lessons that are all designed to get you on the road.


So get into gear and call Unique Learners Driving School - and we'll help you learn to drive in no time.

It's not just freedom, it's opportunity.  No more refusing jobs because they're too far away, no more rejections of late night shows because there's no train available to get you back home.  This time, you're in the driving seat.


From comprehensive lessons to theory test training, as well as mock driving tests and Pass Plus courses - Unique Learners Driving School is the driving instructor for you.

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