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Success Stories

By guest, Aug 11 2015 10:29AM

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Sep 23 2016 02:59PM by Maisah

Passed first time with unique learners! Very good instructor, setting and achieving targets on every lesson. Always receiving constructive criticism. Affordable price and flexible times which suit around my busy lifestyle.

Sep 24 2016 04:25PM by Neelam

I would definitely recommend unique learners as although at first I felt nervous, I quickly overcame this and became confident and comfortable due to the effective teaching approach used. This enabled me to pass my test first time!

Oct 10 2016 03:56AM by Angelina

Definitely recommend this instructor! I was not happy with my previous instructor so changed to unique learners and saw the difference in teaching immediately. The instructor is patient and thorough with a wealth of experience and made me feel relaxed, comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

Dec 8 2016 12:01AM by Shannon

I would highly recommend unique learners! I didn't feel confident with my pervious instructor but after a few lessons with unique learners I felt a lot more confident and happy about driving, I also passed my test first time. The prices are affordable and the hours are flexible.

Dec 15 2016 06:43AM by Sunidhi

I'm very lucky to have her as my instructor. She is very calm and understanding. I love the way her lessons are planned. Highly recommended.

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